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Online Robotic Industrial Tank Cleaning Solutions

Industrial Tank/Basin Cleaning

Scantron Robotics USA, INC Robotic Cleaning Method:

1. Deploying The Robot:
Scantron deploys its robots into industrial tanks or basins either using our custom crane or crane support from the facility in which we are servicing. The robot is secured to the crane using a tether and safety strap to ensure it does not create turbidity during the entering or exiting process.
2. No Turbidity:
Scantron cleaning robots house powerful pumps, allowing our robots to remove sediment without creating turbidity in the tank or basin. Water treatment systems should not be negatively impacted during the cleaning process.
Chemical Plant Tank Cleaning Video
3 & 4: Water Remediation
Scantron's robots pump a sediment/water mixture through a hose to the dewatering site. Scantron Robotics USA, Inc. partners with various companies to provide water treatment and remediation services. A collaborative meeting involving the client, our partners, and our project engineers decide which method will best meet the individual need of our clients.

Common methods include one or a combination of: plate/filter presses, dewatering boxes, weir tanks, geo bags, centrifuges, etc.
Plate Press
Dewatering Box
Weir Tank
Filter Press w/Pump
5. Recycle Clean Water
Our Cleaning Robots
Scantron's cleaning robots are specifically designed to safely and efficiently remove sediment from the bottom of industrial water tanks and basins
Robotic Cleaning Capabilities:
  • can enter access hatches as small as 23in. in diameter
  • pump a maximum of 350 gal/min. of sludge & water
  • remove up to 25yds. of material per day (one 10 hr. shift)
  • provide video footage of pre-inspection, cleaning process, and post inspection (only available for tanks having a water quality of 20 NTU's or below)
All of our ROV's are equipped with:
  • augers or brushes to break up sediment
  • an on board pump to ensure all sediment is efficiently removed
  • high definition cameras with live feed to technician
  • variable intensity lights to overcome low visibility
  • track wheels to ensure robot is capable of manuvering throughout the tank